I'm a registered nurse, permanent makeup artist, and the founder of Beauty Remidy. In 2020, I started my business with one goal in mind: to offer aesthetic nursing, permanent makeup, and skincare all under one roof. We're a one-stop-shop for all your aesthetic needs!

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While nursing has been a career I absolutely love; I've always had a passion for beauty. Before founding Beauty Remidy, I freelanced as a makeup artist, purely for the enjoyment of making others feel beautiful.

After sitting on the idea of this business for nearly a year, in 2020, I finally made the leap into the permanent makeup industry that I'd been wanting to take for so long. With extensive training, permanent makeup took my beauty passion to the next level.

After juggling between nursing and my permanent makeup job, I knew that my nursing experience and my love for beauty could be paired together to enable me to offer a wide variety of services to my clients.

The "Remi" in Remidy

People often ask the meaning behind the name Beauty Remidy. I love when they do because I get to tell them about my daughter Remi. She's the reason I took the leap to start Beauty Remidy in the first place!

I plan to pass this business onto her someday. She's watched me closely for years doing makeup and has become obsessed with all things beauty. I love watching her play with makeup and how happy it makes her. I see the same passion in her as I had about beauty and still do.

She made me realize that doing what you love every day is really all that matters. So, thank you for choosing Beauty Remidy, and in the words of my daughter Remi, “a little more makeup won’t hurt!" 

Meet my daughter and inspiration

Remi is always so silly!

Remi loves the couch!

Remi getting measured.

You can relax, you're in the hands of a true professional! Making sure that you are comfortable and fully informed about your services is a top priority.

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